Luke's Lids for Kids

Luke's Lids for Kids

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April's in Bloom!

I wish April was in bloom!  In Minneapolis here, it snowed all morning, luckily it has all melted and the day ended with a beautiful sunset!  We are moving this weekend so thankfully my sister has kicked the headband and hat making into high gear!  She is personally hand-delivering a truckload of headbands and hats tomorrow to Mott's and I'm so excited for her!  I think these headbands are going to be just perfect for Easter!  I'm also proud to report that this month's tally is:
April - 93 hats and headbands

I am looking for help designing a logo for Luke's Lids.  If anyone is creative and wants to help us with this or knows of a graphic designer who might be willing to help us out, please contact me (!  I have absolutely no talent for drawing whatsoever not a single drop so this is something I need to outsource! :)

Happy Easter and thank you again for reading and all the support!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bows, Bows, Bows...Oh My!

I cannot believe that Easter is just around the corner, that means tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms are on the way!!  YES!!!  It also means that much of my family is in the midst of changes!  Luke and his wonderful family, are currently on the road to Arlington, VA where they are beginning the next chapter of their lives and we wish them all the best!  My family is also getting ready to move back to Chicago next week and so I am SO very grateful to my sister Kim for picking up the slack in making the hats and headbands this month!  Kim has become an expert in the art of bow-making...seriously adorable headbands are coming out of her house and I am so excited for the kids at Mott's to get them.  I think they are going to be perfect for Easter!

I also want to thank Natalie and Jen from my local MOMS Club for coming over last week for a night of hat-making and wine-drinking!!  It was our  first Luke's Lids "event" and it was so much fun!  It was just nice to have a night of girl talk, even if there was the occasional interruption of "I want Mommy..." from my boys!!

I want to again, thank everyone for all the support of this project!  If you know of a young person going through treatment for cancer, please contact us so we can get them a hat or headband!  If you have an idea for a Luke's Lids event, please contact us because we are always open to new ideas!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and that we continue to be blessed with this beautiful weather!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who is Luke??

It just dawned on me that maybe you might like to be introduced to our brother Luke and learn a bit about how this project came to be! 

We, the Gyomory kids, come from a family of 9...2 parents, 2 sisters, and 5 brothers.  We have since expanded to include 2 daughter in laws, 1 son in law, 3 seriously adorable girlfriends, 3 granddaughters, and 4 grandsons!  I am the oldest and Luke is next in line (from there it goes...Paul, Lance, Joel, Kim, and Andrew).  6 years ago, Luke was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a form of Lymphoma.  Prior to his diagnosis, there were 3 other very close family members also diagnosed with various forms of cancer who had lost there battle.  Speaking only for myself, hearing the word cancer, associated with my brother was both terrifing and heartbreaking.  Luckily, as a family we have a strong Catholic faith and the ties that bind us are unbreakable!  Luke also has an AMAZING wife who stood by his side and fought the battle right along with him and I know how much that helped him through.  So...before Luke started chemotherapy my Dad and brothers and hubby all decided to show their solidarity by shaving their heads to varing degrees!  My Dad is the only one who actually went bald along with Luke.  It was interesting that their heads are actually quite similarly shaped...random fact!  After Luke completed his treatment, he, PRAISE GOD, went into remission!  The day he gave us that news is a day that renewed my faith and the tears of fear finally stopped for me. 

Well our Dad decided that he was going to keep the bald look.  You see, he is very much a "Jack of All Trades" and a "Man's Man", he is also quite the comedian these days and calls his act "Jack Not in a Box" (yes his name is Jack)!  I believe, it was the Christmas after Luke went into remission, Dad asked us to get him hats for Christmas to keep his poor head warm.  So I did but decided that I wanted to make them personal for him.  In that spirit, I bought some fabric paint and put phrases on each one...some funny, some sentimental, and always one with the names of everyone in our family.  I remember that first Christmas, I did one that said "My son's a cancer survivor" and he wore it often!  Since that Christmas, these hats have been his Christmas present and I think he looks forward to them because they always get a reaction!  This year, we were talking about them after Christmas and started to brainstorm this idea of making them for children going through chemotherapy.  We decided that it made sence to send them to the patients at Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan because that is where I went to college and spent most of my free time volunteering (on the pediatric oncology unit).  My Mom made the first hat donation!  Dad has provided me with multiple ideas for hat phrases when I run blank, which happens often!  Kim has taken the lead on designing hip headbands and hats for the girls!  Luke agreed to have his name used in this project and gives me ideas on who I could go to for donations!  It is indeed a family project and one I am so proud to be a part of!! 

There you have it, the birth of Luke's Lids for Kids!  It is a labor of for Luke, love of a family, and love for the kids who have to endure what no one, especially a child, should have to endure.  I think, ultimately this project is a testiment to the way that our parents have raised us to know what is important in life, so Mom and Dad...Thank You and We Love You!

If you have a story about how cancer has touched your life, we would love to hear it!  If you know of a child who might like a hat or headband, please contact me so we can get something to them!! 

Hope you have a peaceful night and a joyful tomorrow!

Big Thanks!!!

I have been extremely overwhelmed by the support for this project Kim and I have started!  Truthfully, I was pretty nervous about "going live" with Luke's Lids but because the response has been so positive I'm thrilled that we did!  I think I forgot to add in my first post a contact email for those who want to get in contact with us about helping out, so you can email me at

I wanted to send a shout out to a couple of companies who have been or are helping us with this project.  Luke suggested I contact his favorite sportsman company Realtree, so I did and they sent me a box full of hats, so thank you Realtree and Bill Jordon!  Also wanted to thank the Ribbon Retreat for allowing me to use their nonprofit discount on ribbon supplies, so thanks again!  If anyone happens to know of a company or store that might be willing to donate supplies, please contact me!  We are always looking for help in this endeavor!

Thank you Mom for all the supplies you and Kim got this weekend!  You guys rock!  Thanks to Kim's friend Dennis for his generous donation and support!

So we are working on our April donations now!  I know Kim is having a blast right now with all her cool new supplies!  And I'm excited to have some of my Mom pals over this week to make hats, should be fun!!  We are hard at work and always looking for others to join in the too!  Jonah (my 3 year old son) has made a few hats to donate to the hospital and I'm so proud of him for doing so!  He has a lot of fun doing it!

Anyways, so happy spring is finally here, I think to stay too!  Hope your flowers are sprouting, the winter coats are going away, and grass is again starting to appear!  I'm happy to say, here in Minnesota where we have gotten 9000 inches of snow this year, it has disappeared and there is indeed still grass there!  Thank goodness!!!

Thanks again for all the good wishes and for just reading this!!  Happy Spring!