Luke's Lids for Kids

Luke's Lids for Kids

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Off to Summer Camp!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say THANKS!  Thanks so all those who were so generous in helping us ship 169 hats to the summer camps of Special Days!  Specifically, thank you to my parents for helping me with the bow sale at the 4th of July Celebrations in North Branch, lugging around all my stuff and sponsoring my sale table (in addition to all that was happening that week in the Gyomory household...that's a whole other blog post!)  Thanks to all the North Branchers who stopped by to browse and purchase the bows!  Thank you to Diane Klauka Lucas for her beautiful hand-knitted hats, all 74 of them!  Thank you to her mom for shipping many of them out to me.  Thank you to my Grandma Schaller and my cousin Jacquelyn Kippenbrock of J&J Brusie Photograph for their generous donations!  Thank you to my dear friend Tina Koral for bringing me over a bunch of adorable hats to decorate!  

I'm so grateful to everyone for their help getting the hats out to Special Days.  Special Days has a special place in my heart and so to be able to give back to them is really meaningful for me.  If you are ever interested or know of someone (especially college age kids) who might be interested in volunteering as a camp counselor I can promise you that Special Days is well worth looking in to.  Amazing campers and amazing staff, Special Days changed my life for sure!

Next up, back to school drop off.  Going to start working on getting hats and headbands ready to drop off at the hospitals around the time kids get back into school.  Hopefully, I will also be able to do a few craft shows this fall and sell a few bows.  

Enjoy the rest of this hot hot summer and God Bless You!