Luke's Lids for Kids

Luke's Lids for Kids

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Fun

As I sit here and write this I realize that I have been very lazy in keeping up with this blog but I guess that comes with being a busy mother of two crazy boys with another baby on the way.  I had a pretty rough start to this pregnancy with morning sickness so I apologize for not being more diligent in keeping you, our loyal supporters, up to date on all things Luke's Lids for Kids! 

To start, we want to wish Luke of LL4K and his family a great big congratulations on their newest family addition, Baby Easton who is just a doll!  We got to see him last weekend and let me tell you he is adorable!  Congratulations to Luke, Heidi, and Big Brother Ryan!  For those who have joined us recently, Luke is my brother and a survivor of Hodgkin's Disease which is a form of lymphoma.  He has been in remission for a number of years and we do this to try and inspire other young people, but especially children, to keep their spirits up by donating fun and funky hats and headbands.  Just something small but fun to make the hair loss that results from chemotherapy and radiation maybe a little bit easier to cope with.  Each and every hat and headband is made with a whole lot of love and they are all prayed over before they are sent out so that hopefully the recipient can feel the love that comes with them.

Next up, this past spring a young girl from the Lansing, MI area captured the attention of the nation during the NCAA Basketball Tournament because of her association with the Michigan State University Basketball Organization.  She was known as "Princess Lacey" and she passed away shortly after MSU was knocked out of the tournament.  Her story became national news because of her inspiring battle with cancer and the devotion of the Spartan Basketball Team to her and we at LL4K were definitely inspired by this story and decided to make a donation in her honor to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.  We are humbled that Sparrow Hospital is accepting our donation and hope that this will be another partnership with LL4K.  Here is a picture of a one of the bows that will be going to Sparrow Hospital (MSU colors with a single princess ribbon in honor of Lacey).

In the last few months we have received a number of hat donations from supporters and I wanted to take a minute to thank those people...Jeannie Martinez is a gifted woman who has crocheted a number of beautiful hats and headbands for LL4K, we are so blessed to have her support!  My Aunt Jody Brusie has become a huge supporter of LL4K recently, making sure our bins are never empty and that we do not have to worry about fulfilling our donation requests!  Thank you Jody for being such a wonderful and caring person, you will never know how much you are loved!  She has also recruited friends to help and we are humbled that one of her friends has started making us beautiful and soft fleece hats!  These hats are going to be perfect for our winter campers at Special Days!!  Thank you and know that LL4K feels blessed for your support and we pray for your family!  My son Jonah has some friends from school whose mother heard about our project and donated a bag of very adorable and stylish hats for our kids, so Thank You Farrell Family!!   We love you guys!!  Lastly but always first in our hearts, Thank You to our parents and family for all that you do to support LL4K!  The hats, the shipping (GyomoryGuyInc - FedEx team extraordinaire), the promotion (my mom has made LL4K a household name in our hometown of North Branch); without your support this project would not be possible!!  We are humbled by the support of everyone who helps us keep this project going!  If I have missed anyone from the last few months, I apologize and blame it on preggo brain!  God Bless You All!
Looking towards the summer!  LL4K has committed to supporting 2 big events this summer with hats and headbands and we are excited to do so because both events are wonderful programs that celebrate some incredible kids and families.  We will be supplying Special Days Camps with hats as usual and camp starts at the beginning of August.  For those who are new to LL4K, Special Days is a camp for children with cancer and their siblings.  I worked at Special Days for a number of years as a counselor and it has a permanent spot in my heart because of the care of the staff and the love of the campers!  It is truly a wonderful place and we are honored to continue our support of Special Days!  We will also be supplying hats and headbands to an event in Kansas City called Every Day a Hero.  Every Day a Hero is a party for families of patients receiving Pediatric Oncology and/or Hematology services in the Kansas City area.  Last year was our first time supporting this event and it was a honor to do so.  The organizers of this event put so much care and thought into making this a night of fun and it is an honor to be able to support them again.  So....that being said if you feel compelled to help us support these wonderful events please contact us at  We would love to be able to provide enough hats and headbands for all the children attending. 
Thank you all for your continued support of LL4K, truly we could not do this without your support and prayers!  My mom always reminds me that if this wasn't truly making a difference then the whole project would have fizzled out a long time ago but instead every time I feel like we will not be able to come through on a donation we receive a call or email from someone wanting to help.  God has his hand in this and for that we are blessed.  I wish we could do more but what we do we do with love!  God Bless Friends!!