Luke's Lids for Kids

Luke's Lids for Kids

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanks and Giving

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm blessed for each of you who read this blog and share in Luke's Lids mission to hopefully bring a small measure of happiness to a child fighting cancer by way of helping him or her feel fabulous in their appearance!  It has been an honor to work with the following hospitals: Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan Health Systems, Hurley Medical Center, the Ronald McDonald Hospital at Loyola University Medical Center, the Central DuPage Cancer Center, and St. Jude's Research Hospital.  We have also been blessed to be able to partner with Special Days Camps, both summer and winter programs.  Recently, we have also started connecting with families via Facebook and sending hats and headbands to individual children as well.  The personal letters and cards that we have received after sending out our hats absolutely feel like little hugs!  Thank you to all!!

I have to say Thank You to two very important women who have been such a godsend in helping us to reach our hat goals every time...Diane Klauka Lucas and Jeannie Martinez!  Without your incredible knitting abilities and generosity, there is no way we would be able to send out the number of hats that we do!!  You are both such a blessing!

I have to also say Thank You to everyone who has helped us with  our financial funding this year through donations and purchases at the craft shows we have participated in.  Every single dollar donated is put right back into this project and every bow purchased is a bow with a cause!  Hopefully you wear them proudly!

Big huge Thank You to my husband who is the primary investor in this project!  I'm am ever so grateful that he believes in this project as much as I do and doesn't mind having his former "man cave" now the epicenter for all things pink, floral, and sparkly!  This is saying a lot given the fact we have two boys and the other 99% of our house is full of all things on wheels and rails!

So in short, I give Thanks for all of you and all that you do which allows Luke's Lids to continue Giving handmade love to these incredible children!  For them and their families we wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving and start of the holiday season.  I know that for some families (too many really) this will be a first Thanksgiving without their children and to you, I pray you know, we will be praying for you to find a measure of joy in your heart during this season of hope.  God Bless You All!